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 The new science of Quantum Physics teaches that the Universe consists of “potentialities” and energy which is always in motion, vibrating at different rates. This means that nothing is static and change is the only constant. This includes each and every single one of us. We all have the possibility for change and growth, but sometimes we don’t know how to make that happen and we often get in our own way.

As a Women’s Life and Empowerment Coach & Mentor, this is where a I can make a difference! If  any of the questions below resonate with you, perhaps it is time to embark on a new voyage of self-discovery and self-development. It is never too late to explore your inner landscape and discover its treasures! Change in one’s life always begins from the inside and eventually reflects in the outer world. Let’s begin that journey together!

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Questions To Ponder

* Do your romantic relationships always end up in disaster because you keep making the wrong choices?
* Do you have a lot of negative self-talk and constantly compare yourself unfavorably to others?
* Are you confident and knowledgeable in your professional life but find that your personal life is in chaos?
* Do you hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas at the workplace, and would not consider putting yourself forward for a more senior role because you don’t believe you’ve got what it takes?
* Are you ready to release a relationship that no longer fits?
* Are you masking self-doubt and anxiety by taking on too much, so that you can prove to yourself and others that you are “worthy”?
* Do you have trouble saying no and standing up for yourself because you don’t want to upset anyone?
* Do you hold yourself to unattainable standards of perfection and judge yourself more harshly than you would anyone else?

“At some point, Denial, Repression, and Avoidance of the truth of your situation will become your masters instead of your servants.”

– Ileana Rontea

“As long as you are ‘comfortable’ in your discomfort, nothing can change.”

– Ileana Rontea

Women’s Life and Empowerment Coaching & Mentoring

As we begin our voyage together, the following will gently unfold for you:

* gaining self-awareness regarding your triggers and issues; learning how to work through them with self-compassion
* understanding the lessons in your wounds and integrating the shadows which sabotage your life now
* cultivating a deeper level of Self-Love
* eliminating ideas, concepts, beliefs and emotions which no longer serve you
* consciously creating new and empowering beliefs
* these beliefs will be followed by actions which will inspire and support you
* discovering the benefits of being fully present in your life
* your relationships will change (for the better!) because YOU will have shifted internally
* becoming more willing to step out of your comfort zone by trusting your own inner guidance system – your intuition
learning to take calculated risks and refining a growth mindset
* coming to see how your internal self-talk reflects in your outer life

As we work together, I will be:

* Presenting clarity and perspective related to unhelpful patterns that are at work in your life.

* Suggesting ways in which you can reframe situations and learn new templates for behaviour.

* Offering guidance to forgive those who have caused harm so that you can move on and release the pain associated with those events.

* Challenging the boundaries of rigid thinking and encouraging you to open yourself and explore new ways of being

* Encouraging self-awareness, courageously facing your issues, and most of all, cultivating self-love.

* Assisting you to achieve greater peace, self-understanding and joyful self-expression

* Inviting you to own your own power and find new solutions. 

* Activating and igniting the potentialities dormant within you. 

“Everything, but everything is energy, including you! Energy cannot be destroyed; it only changes forms. Ponder what that means for you.”

– Ileana Rontea

Success Stories

The videos below tell the stories of 3 women and how I have worked with them to
bring greater clarity and transformation to their lives.

How I guided a woman who almost lost out on an amazing future because she didn’t believe she was worth it. She had to overcome negative beliefs and self-talk and come to truly realize that she was lovable, not just to others, but also to herself. Her reward was a wonderful life with a partner who truly appreciated her in every way.

Gaining the courage to leave an abusive situation is never easy. It’s especially difficult when you are in the middle of your life, have never been on your own before and you are very unsure of what the future holds. But with the right guidance, support and tools, it CAN be done, at any age! And the rewards for loving yourself enough to choose empowerment over victimhood are huge!

Maintaining clarity and perspective in a relationship is often challenging. If you add physical distance and separation into the mix, it can be truly problematic! Relationships worth saving require commitment, communication and deep compassion from both parties. See how this wonderful relationship was saved.

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