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This is my introductory video, telling you something of my story. For the long version, please keep scrolling down. Enjoy!

“Life is either an adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

I am ILEANA, which means, “Shining”, “Torch”, “Light” and “Bright”. (I am also an amateur photographer. All the pictures on my site were taken by me during my worldwide travels.)

I am a Master of Transformation, having reinvented myself in a deeper, richer fashion after each “learning spurt”, as I affectionately call my many challenging life situations.

I can help you transform your life from something that is not working to something that will bring you fulfillment and inner peace.

I have been called a Free Spirit, World Traveler and a Pillar of Light. I am a life-long learner, an adventurous, loving, passionate speaker, nature and animal-lover, Lightworker and some have told me, an inspiring role model. I also have some letters after my name, if they matter to you – BA (Hons), Assoc. CIPD – as well as a background in psychology and human resource management.

Assisting women to grow into the strong, confident and empowered beings they can be is a great joy for me! If this is what you are looking for, email me at to schedule a call together.

Recent Adventures

As of July 2022, I have relocated to the south of France, which is now the 13th country I am living in. Culture shock happens every time I enter a new and unknown environment, no matter how many times I move!

For those of us who take on this huge life change without a partner, it is even more challenging. It is a time of transition when we need to adjust ourselves to many new things and also begin to form a social network. Language may also prove a frustrating and sometimes overwhelming barrier.

If you find yourself in this situation, I can help you make the transition smoother and less onerous. Having been there myself, I understand and have worked with these challenges more than once.

“We are Cosmic Beings dancing in the Field of Polarity, discovering the myriad of ways of Being in Physical Reality.”

– Ileana Rontea

I have helped others throughout my life and as I have grown from my own life experiences, my ability to mentor and guide has increased.

My life has been full of change and new beginnings, including recovering from divorce, obesity, lack of self-love, and taking care of my mother when she passed away from cancer.

In the meantime, I also created my own small marketing and training company, which is now dormant. The website is still up and I use it as an online brochure to showcase some of the things I have done (Mind Ignition).

Most recently, along with a business partner, I have started a company which creates and delivers unique and innovative empowerment courses for women at the workplace – Empowered Women Now.  As you can see, helping women become all they can be is a true passion of mine!

A Passion for Travel

After another life transition at the age of 41, I left Canada and began my nomadic phase, by working on cruise ships as a Human Resources Manager, which I did on and off for a few years.

This shipboard position was a combination of HR Manager, Teacher, Priest, Therapist, Coach and a few other hats! I was able to fully spread my wings into my Advisor role during this time, to create a much greater positive impact on others.

This was an incredible time of expansion and growth, as I had the opportunity to explore many amazing places and meet some wonderful people. 

Success Stories

The videos below tell the stories of 3 women and how I have worked with them to
bring greater clarity and transformation to their lives.

How I guided a woman who almost lost out on an amazing future because she didn’t believe she was worth it. She had to overcome negative beliefs and self-talk and come to truly realize that she was lovable, not just to others, but also to herself. Her reward was a wonderful life with a partner who truly appreciated her in every way.

Gaining the courage to leave an abusive situation is never easy. It’s especially difficult when you are in the middle of your life, have never been on your own before and you are very unsure of what the future holds. But with the right guidance, support and tools, it CAN be done, at any age! And the rewards for loving yourself enough to choose empowerment over victimhood are huge!

Maintaining clarity and perspective in a relationship is often challenging. If you add physical distance and separation into the mix, it can be truly problematic! Relationships worth saving require commitment, communication and deep compassion from both parties. See how this wonderful relationship was saved.

Does any of the above resonate with you?

I offer a free video consultation so we can determine if I am the right person
to guide you in this journey.

Email me at