I have had the privilege to work with many people over the years.

Those who were able to transform their lives were typically open-minded, determined and disciplined in their commitment to changing their lives. 

While it is not always an easy journey, the rewards are worth it!

“Approaching Life from a place of rigidity will only yield you more of the same results which have not worked so far.”

– Ileana Rontea

It is always a pleasure, a breath of fresh air, a strong hope for a better future to meet an individual whose mission aligns with the greatest good.

Ileana Rontea, I thank you for your important mission, your incredible talents and your commitment to helping women stand up not down, speak out not through and embrace their spiritual power to be the change and make change.

The work I have done with you touched my heart profoundly and offered a source of insightful guidance. May you continue to spread and share light!

Irene, Canada

You’ve given me unconditional love. You call me out on my bullsh*t, yet in a loving and caring way. You help me put things into perspective when I’m stuck and can’t find a way out.

Often it is just one word that exactly hits the nail on the head and gives me an AHA moment. You SEE me, the real me, my qualities and abilities. You seem to know the right thing to say at the right time.

Heidi, Belgium

Ileana has made and continues to make a positive, resounding and long-lasting impact on my life. Ileana is a competent, insightful and guiding person. She has helped me personally find ways to value myself more and utilise my own strengths. She has also helped me discover that my personal value is worth more than I first thought. Ileana continues to be a guiding light, always offering insight, knowledge, guidance, love and acceptance to my life.

Alex, U.K.

You’re a good supporter of others and can perceive more than what is in front of your eyes. You listen, you analyze, you empathize, you are fair and straight, true to your values.

You have the courage to start all over as many times as you need to. You challenge others when necessary and give advice from your heart.

Bianca, Romania

You instinctively understand and accept other people’s pain while you offer a soft ear for venting, erasing the tears with healing warmth and hope.

Your strength comes from a generous understanding and love, from experiences you have collected while discovering yourself, which altogether brings a good and peaceful vibe yet energetic, and a wild feeling of being passionately alive.

You offer love, empathy, challenges, trust, and joy. You are someone that one wants to trust with the good and the bad days, secretly knowing that you will be there with an uplifting energy to heal what was broken.

Roxana, Canada

I warmly recommend Ileana’s Intuitive Readings. She takes it seriously and I liked her cards very much. I had three specific questions which she did separate Readings for plus one overall reading. It made me feel more positive about the future.

Pia, Sweden

There are so many things about you that are gifts. You can take a situation that looks like a scrambled 1000 piece puzzle and make sense of it.

Your ability to see each piece for its value and place is amazing. You’re clear when something or someone doesn’t work, is toxic and needs to be healed, or removed. You’re calm, cool and collected and vulnerable. You have the ability to make me feel completely understood and comforted and challenged when I need it, but in a loving way.

You are intelligent, articulate, and you are an asset everywhere you go. I’m so grateful for the unconditional love and support you have been for me over the years, for our friendship and invaluable coaching and mentoring.

Tanya, California, U.S.A.

Ileana offers a very different perspective on life to the mainstream norm. Her life course to date has shown us women that anything in life is possible. Women can be adventurers, they can grab the bull by the horns: seek work abroad, experience new cultures, new cities and explore a whole new way of life.

Ileana has an ability to see the world in a whole different light; she thinks and works outside the box. As women, life does not just have to be about raising a family and taking care of the home, even though these things are important. But, Life is about finding our own joy, finding our own divine purpose and then striving towards that goal. Along Ileana’s journey, she has reached out to many other people, encouraging them to always strive for true self-expression. This world could do with a few more Ileanas.

Ann, Canada

When I first met Ileana I noticed there was something really special about her. The way she looks straight into you with those shinning and vivid eyes, like she is actually speaking directly to your soul.

Her ability to listen and to provide  precise and insightful feedback is unique. She is very empathic and speaks with her pure heart. Her background in human resources is solid, enriched with an amazing  multicultural life experience from her journey around the globe.

As an intuitive channel and soulful mentor, Ileana is helping me to decode important messages that Spirit is willing to provide me, but I was struggling to understand and to integrate it into my life. It is like this wonderful fine tuning,  helping me to confirm information that by intuition a part of me already knew, but was not able to unfold and access it with my soul and  with my mind.

I am very thankful to have her guidance helping me to learn what truly self love means, to listen to my inner calling and to be able to pursue a soul-inspired life journey.

Ana, Brazil

I feel so catalyzed since we met. You act as an activator and a catalyst of a higher frequency energy within me. You have such poise and grace and share from both vulnerability and power, while maintaining connection.

The things we talk about, they seem to follow me through time and build into something more. After speaking with you, I have had my eyes open to the process of spiritual communion that can happen between us as humans.

Andreea, Romania

Ileana, I have known you since we were twelve years old. Our connection has only become stronger over the years, no matter where in the world you are.

I feel comforted by you and your presence and in particular I value your opinion and thoughts on various topics.

Donna, Canada

You really listen, you really provide feedback. You’re quite fearless in providing feedback, actually. You tell me what you think I need to hear, not necessarily what I might want to hear. You’re honest and forthright. You’re authentic.

Essentially, you have the ability to hear and see me, provide support to me, and are able to hone in on what I might need to do or change to support myself and achieve my goals, and therefore, happiness. And I truly, deeply appreciate you for it.

Kat, Canada

“The lens you view your life through determines how you will live the rest of your life.”

– Ileana Rontea

“Being open to the possibilities of the Quantum Field is essential to manifesting an interesting and rich existence.”

– Ileana Rontea

During that the lowest point of my life, I was trying to shrug off demons that were clinching (sic) onto every aspect of my life.  However, within the darkness, I had you. With your love and care, you have comforted my soul and steered my mind away from self-harm. ‘Thank you, Ileana, for saving me.’

M.J., Canada

Ileana, I am honored to have you as a friend. Your words helped me to forgive my mother and the anger I felt towards her. Sometimes I hear you speak that way and I seem to be listening to an angel.

Antonella, Spain (translated from Spanish)

Ileana came into my life like a whirlwind and even though we have not met, within a few days she was giving me priceless advice about personal boundaries, self-sustenance and filling my own cup first.

At first I thought… yes, I know all this… but as the days passed, I realised just how important it was for me to incorporate what she had discussed with me if I was to thrive instead of burning out!!

She has taught me that looking after myself isn’t being selfish, as I previously believed. Thank you so much for inspiring me, as well as all your help and support, Ileana.

I’m so lucky and grateful to have you as a friend.

Jess, India

I was not a believer in Intuitive Readings, until Ileana did one for me. The interpretation she provided not only was accurate, it was stunningly true and matching my situation, my feelings, and a clear reflection of the complex stage I was at in my life. Ileana candidly and sensibly explained the meaning of her findings in a very personal and calming manner.

I felt at ease and enlightened by her words. I felt as if a universal power was communicating through her important information and opened my future pathway. Ileana has a gift as a healer, one can feel a high vibration while she speaks and communicates. After her Reading, I felt positive for the future.

Roxana, Canada

I had an intuitive reading done by Ileana which has been a guide that continues to give.

Prior to doing the reading we had a helpful conversation around my relationship with my daughter where Ileana shared her wisdom – which was very helpful in itself.  The cards were then pulled in relation to this, however, the messages that came from the cards were not only helpful in this matter but also helped me to see that I was running these patterns in other areas of my life as well. I could totally relate to what the cards were telling me.

Having a recording of the reading has been great because I’ve now listened to it numerous times and each time I get something more from it… hence the reading continues to give. Ileana’s intuition and readings help you to bring things to light so that you can heal and grow.  I highly recommend working with Ileana.

Lesley, Australia

Ileana provided me with the Soul Synergy System reading. It was not only accurate, but also showed me some things that I need to work on to further my spiritual progression. Learning all that I have from Ileana these last few months has been invaluable to me on my journey.

She is not only very knowledgeable and extremely intuitive, but provides a positive connection that I felt right away when speaking to her. Her energy is one that brings warmth and positive vibes.

She has given me so much to look forward to and work towards and has shown me that all I have done thus far is helping me move towards my ultimate goal and life mission. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to work with her.

Lori, Tennessee, U.S.A.

The two Intuitive Readings that Ileana performed for me, on two different occasions and regarding two specific intentions, represent poignant tools that I use to unveil reality and choose my subsequent actions.

They are not feel good procedures, but rather transformative tools and accurate reflections of the status-quo in my life. Having had the reality of my existence mirrored back to me in a loving way supports me in making conscious decisions. And these decisions that are not necessarily the easy way to go, still they have led to my empowerment and growth.

I feel privileged to have had access to the gift that Ileana carries in her heart, and I believe it is from her heart that she illuminates the potential in all situations for which she offers the readings.

Andreea, Romania

You’ve been kind, loving, understanding, a good listener and offered sage feedback and advice.  Your emotional vulnerability is also one of your hallmarks which invites the same. In your paid work, I have witnessed you as someone who is very clear-eyed about circumstances and people.

You’ve helped a lot of people (staff) through professional and personal work issues. You’ve stood your ground in very difficult and challenging professional circumstances, because of the values you hold. Your genuine desire to help and care comes through.

Pat, Canada

I highly recommend Ileana Rontea for spiritual guidance, tarot reading and numerology. Her well grounded, compassionate attention and the care she gives her clients are unsurpassed.

She is very authentic and speaks from her heart and experience. The Readings are spot on and very applicable to my situation. I love that she records the session so you can revisit it for more clarity at your leisure. She is one of a kind.

Cyndi, Virginia, U.S.A.

Ileana’s guidance has helped me in my introspective work, to be more aligned with myself, see clearer on where I want to go and who I am. She has powerful intuition and a strong ability in seeing barriers that may hold people back from taking action. She’s able to help you in identifying obstacles and removing them so you can embrace change and act, despite anything that may have happened in the past.

Najet, France