Are you looking for a way to encourage your female staff members
to live up to their potential?

“What if organizations invested in the personal/professional development of female staff at all levels, and not just the ones already on the management/leadership track?”

Some reasons why this approach will benefit YOUR organization:

* Women who believe in themselves become more willing to take on additional challenges within their organizations
* It yields deeper levels of engagement and increases retention
Results in higher employee satisfaction
* Proves that the organization recognizes and addresses unmet developmental needs
* All employees are deemed valuable and worth investing in
* Creates “goodwill” and a workforce that speaks highly of its employer to others
* Demonstrates a forward-thinking mindset by the leadership team

As a representative of the institution which hired Empowered Women Now, I am attending the training sessions as an Observer. The content is very interesting, and I am learning a lot. I noticed that the participants are quite engaged and have told me they look forward to each session. Ileana as the Trainer, can quickly create a bond with the attendees which makes them feel heard and that their ideas and opinions are valued. The information Ileana presents is always well researched and useful, as well as encouraging and positive. I am very happy we have decided to bring this training program into our Agency!

Anabelle Karaquilian

Human Resources Assistant, European Union Agency for Asylum

Ileana A. Rontea and Iva Baltova of Learn Smart Solutions, have joined forces to create EMPOWERED WOMEN NOW™ – a Joint Venture whose purpose is to build and deliver unique and transformational courses designed to help progressive organizations develop their female staff  by guiding and inspiring women worldwide to tap into their highest potential.

We do this by skillfully guiding our target learning audience to conquer self-limiting beliefs and bring to life abilities that will support them to live more empowered personal and professional lives.

This Program is the first step toward self-empowerment for many women in the workforce. It precedes leadership training by allowing the participants to discover that they are capable of much more than they had originally thought.

I am enjoying the Empowered Women Now training program for women at the workplace very much. The material presented makes me think of things I had not thought of for a long time, but which require my attention for continued self-growth. The Assignments are created in such a way that they inspire self-awareness and self-appreciation, while also encouraging us to have the courage to face those issues that are holding us back. Ileana doesn’t just deliver the training program; she promotes a vision that inspires the women in the program to reach for more and believe we can achieve it. I highly recommend this program to any woman who is on the path of personal and professional self-development.

Elizabeth Fernandes

Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Unit – Recruitment, Career and Development Sector Corporate Management Centre, European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)

I would like to thank you for this extremely useful training that gives an overview of so many things a woman (and a person in general) should know in order to succeed in the working environment (and not only)… I am very happy that I have the presentations as a useful manual to consult whenever needed.

Eleni Tryfon

Project Manager - Expert on Biodiversity, European Environmental Agency

Introducing our Innovative Pre-leadership Intensive Program

“Soar Beyond Your Limits: Self-Empowerment Essentials for Women at the Workplace”

Our next Program begins September 2022!
For more information, please contact: hello@EmpoweredWomenNow.com

How is this training program different?

* We come into your organization and work with your female staff via an online training format for a total of 30 hours, over a 12-week period
* Our classes have only 12 – 16 participants, to encourage full participation in a safe space
* Participants are required to complete assignments and come to class prepared to discuss them; they are reminded that they will get out of the program as much as they put in
* Approximately 2-3 days are left in-between classes to allow for deeper integration of lessons and for time to complete assignments
All slides presented are shared with attendees after each class, for future their reference
After each of the 3 courses, we offer a 60-minute group coaching session to further support participants’ implementation of principles learned
We advise all participants that this training program is only the beginning of a journey that is required to change mindset and behaviour
We encourage continued community support through the organization to ensure learning is not lost and that principles learned are applied on an ongoing basis

What is included?

* Three virtual instructor-led courses (6 sessions each)
* Total of 27 hours of live online instruction over the Zoom platform
* 3 one-hour online group coaching sessions after each course is finished
* Takeaways: Three fillable Workbooks with assignments  and resources plus all session slides
Practical tools, tips, techniques, guidelines, practices, and real-life examples to guide participants along the journey of transformation

Who is this training program for?

The Program is designed for the many women working in organizations who are:

* Not currently on the management/leadership track but carry untapped potential 
* Project managers, various administrative staff, accounting/finance officers, human resources administrators, project support officers, program assistants, coordinators, logistics specialists, analysts, account reps, customer service specialists, and other similar position-holders
* Prepared to overcome the fear of failure, perfectionism, and self critical thinking; want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and find their voice
* Highly motivated to grow personally and professionally

Unsolicited participant comments

I find [the course] so interesting and cannot wait for the future modules… Thanks for always being such a motivation.”  
I’m learning tools in this training that would have helped me when I was in the [difficult] situation I was in and will help me avoid any similar situation in the future!”  
Thank you for such a wonderful lesson. I had some huge issues with criticism since our last lesson and it was so nice to go through that today. Am so much looking forward to my homework and the process.
This was a very interesting homework and I have been applying it all week.
I have been talking about this course to other people and recommending the rubber band exercise because I really like it. I find that it works to remind me when I am being self-critical again. I was pleasantly surprised by the course overall and am really enjoying it.

More About Our Courses

Course 1 –
Confidence Builder:
How to Cultivate Self-Confidence
for Women

This course will teach participants how to systematically build better self-confidence which will enable them to live from their personal power. Participants will learn how to:

* Stop the self-sabotage and adopt the mindset that allows them to become more confident
* Conquer “unhelpful” fears to find the courage to do the things they always wanted, but were afraid to
* Overcome the urge to be perfect and to compare themselves to others, so they can give their personal best
* Foster a healthy sense of self-worth which will enable them to stay strong in the face of judgement and setbacks
* Embrace self-confidence as a way of life so they can thrive in their life and career

Some of the knowledge and skills participants acquire in this course will make it much easier for them to set and enforce healthy boundaries – taught in Course 2.

Course 2 –
Power Boundaries:
How to Set and Enforce Healthy Boundaries for Women

This course builds upon participants’ self-confidence and teaches them how to stand up for themselves without disempowering others. Participants will learn how to:

Practice self-awareness to understand the nature and benefit of personal boundaries
* Overcome inner and outer barriers that commonly prevent many women from setting effective boundaries
* Know when their boundaries have been violated so they can defend their limits
* Speak and act in a way that helps them set and enforce healthy boundaries
* Deal with chronic boundary violators and inappropriate behavior at the workplace and elsewhere

Some of the knowledge and skills participants acquire in this course will make it much easier for them to adopt effective communication strategies – taught in Course 3.

Course 3 –
Communication Code:
Win-Win Communication
Strategies for Women

This course builds upon participants’ self-confidence and boundary-setting skills and teaches them how to communicate in a more empowered way. Participants will learn how to:

Identify and replace unproductive communication behaviours that many women use, with more empowering ways to communicate
* Know and manage emotions to foster deeper, more trusting, and stronger relationships
* Recognize and understand different social styles so they can interact and collaborate more effectively with a wide range of people
* Prevent, manage, and resolve conflict at the workplace and elsewhere
* Give and receive constructive feedback to support personal and professional growth

Our next Program begins September 2022!
For more information, please contact: hello@EmpoweredWomenNow.com

The Women Behind the Program

Iva is the author and designer of the “Soar Beyond Your Limits” Training Program.

She is a seasoned instructional designer and a solo learning consultant specializing in the design and development of original workplace training solutions since 1999.

She has helped over 30 business and government organizations effectively train their staff to effectively meet critical performance objectives. The key to her success is her ability to uncover what her target audience truly needs and craft a custom solution that produces meaningful and lasting changes.

Iva holds a Doctoral degree in Learning and Teaching and an M.Ed. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Toronto. Her expertise draws on the wisdom of academia, ample practical know-how, and her own life-long personal and professional development.

Iva’s passion is transforming the way people work in the real world – empowered and on purpose. More recently, Iva has been focusing on helping women like herself tear the bondage of restrictive conditioning to become the most powerful versions of themselves.

Ileana is a speaker, trainer, writer, life mentor, human resources professional, “people enhancer” and entrepreneur.

She is passionate about helping women who are on the path of self-growth and development, assisting them in overcoming self-imposed obstacles and barriers.

One of the ways she has done this, is by creating and administering an online Facebook community of 600+ international women (and growing) who are also on this path of self-discovery and empowerment. Another way is by sponsoring female children in the developing world for the past 25 years.

Ileana has psychology, coaching, and H.R. background and has worked as an onboard Human Resources Manager on cruise liners, where she provided soft-skills and extensive onboarding training, as well as coaching and counselling to staff and management.

She has also created and presented a women-centric program for new entrepreneurs during the time she owned her first company.

Her “superpower” lies in her keen ability to see the sometimes-hidden potential in others and guide them on their transformational journey.